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Realtor helps elderly woman avoid foreclosure


My name is Rich Kushner and I am a real estate agent. I was trying to help Linda Anderson out with a shortsale, as her home was in pre-foreclosure with a sale date of July 14. Upon investigating, I found that although she has a reverse mortgage, she had fallen behind on her HOA fees, and with all the penalties and back payments currently owes $7,278. (Radio Appearance on July 25).

The reverse mortgage company has been paying the insurance, but she has to pay them back the $1,125 they've already paid. And since she is in default on the HOA, the reverse mortgage stopped paying her her monthly fee. Now she is behind on her property taxes. I have convinced the attorney's for the HOA to postpone the foreclosure.

We need to raise $11,075 to bring the HOA and property taxes current, and pay back the reverse mortgage for the insurance and then the reverse mortgage payments will resume. 

Linda has no family and lives alone with her 2 older dogs, Bobby and Amber and her cat Isabelle. I am not sure how much time we have, but it is running out. Please help keep Linda (who turned 75 this month) from becoming homeless and will probably lose her older pets who are too old to be adoptable.

If we get her caught up, her $493.54 reverse mortgage payment will resume. That is enough to cover those 3 expenses. So it is not sending good money after bad.

This is one sales commission I do NOT want to earn.


We raised over $13,000 and only needed $11,000 ( Sunday, I and some volunteers are going to her house hand fixing up the room to rent (and her house).

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